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7 ways to increase  a check: business cases of international companie

  When during a purchase of a flight ticket in an advertising campaign, you are offered to pay extra for choosing a seat, and instead of subscribing to Netflix for a month, choose a subscription for a year – the seller conducts an upsell. According to various estimates, upsell accounts for 15 to 40% of McDonald’s annual revenue. (more…)

Why sales are not growing: 7 reasons for marketing & sales department

You can blame your failures on competitors who dump the market, leads who don’t understand what they are missing by refusing to buy, the crisis or Mercury Retrograde. But if you are constantly faced with rejections or the level of sales got stuck in one place, it’s time to figure out what the reason is. (more…)

Influence marketing

Why brands spend $120 thousand on stories and how not to “waste” money on an influencer

In 2022, 68% of marketers around the world collaborate with influencers. About 88% of marketers set a budget  for influence marketing – on average it is $50-500k. And according to HubSpot, 11% of marketing experts say that collaboration with an opinion leader has brought them the best ROI compared to other marketing tools. (more…)