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twitter vs threads

How Threads Redefines Social Networking for the Future

In the fast-paced digital age, communication has undergone a revolutionary transformation. Social networking platforms have become a fundamental aspect of modern society, connecting billions of people worldwide. Among the myriad of platforms available, microblogging has emerged as a powerful way to share information, ideas, and emotions in bite-sized formats. While traditional microblogging platforms have been limited by character restrictions, a groundbreaking innovation has emerged: Threads. In this article, we will explore how Threads is redefining social networking for the future. (more…)

Seo vs Sem

Difference Between SEO and SEM in Digital Marketing

In today’s digital landscape, where online visibility is crucial for success, we strive to be the international SEO agency in the industry. We help businesses achieve their online goals by optimizing their presence on search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two vital strategies that can significantly impact a company’s online visibility and growth. (more…)

Must-Have WordPress Plugins from a Digital Marketing Expert

Must-Have Plugins for WordPress: A Guide by a Digital Marketing Expert

In today’s competitive online landscape, harnessing the full potential of WordPress is essential for business success. As an expert from digital online marketing with extensive experience in online digital marketing, I have curated a comprehensive guide to the must-have WordPress plugins that will elevate your website’s performance and drive impressive results.  (more…)

Calculating the company budget

What is the role of digital marketing in a company’s budget?

Digital marketing spend can be the most significant part of the budget for modern companies nowadays. But, of course, it depends on the company type and the niche it works in. When running a business, it is worth setting goals and planning expenses.  (more…)

New chatbot released by Google | ClickMagic

Google’s AI Race: How Does Bard, the New Chatbot, Compare to ChatGPT?

Google’s answer to ChatGPT is a new AI chatbot called Bard. How will this new tool be beneficial for the users and do we really need it? Our SEO Agency tried to dive deeper into the topic and find the answer. (more…)


ChatGPT: What can an unusual chatbot with artificial intelligence do?

The development of technology means that many areas of life have started to evolve rapidly, such as medicine or the IT industry. The emergence of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the Polish market. However, this has raised many doubts, as well as concerns about whether AI will be able to replace humans and their work. Find out what ChatGPT is, what it can do and what are its limitations? (more…)

Laptop on the table

Pros and cons of working remotely

For many years, remote work has been a benefit for employees in most companies around the world. However, in 2020, when COVID-19 came, this form of work became a necessity. When finally, after 2 years of remote work, companies were able to return to normal functioning and stationary work, not everyone decided on this transition. (more…)

7 ways to increase a check: business cases of international companie

When during a purchase of a flight ticket in an advertising campaign, you are offered to pay extra for choosing a seat, and instead of subscribing to Netflix for a month, choose a subscription for a year – the seller conducts an upsell. According to various estimates, upsell accounts for 15 to 40% of McDonald’s annual revenue.In the article, we revealed what Internet marketing tools to use to sell for a higher price, and also collected high-profile cases of international companies. (more…)

Why sales are not growing: 7 reasons for marketing & sales department

You can blame your failures on competitors who dump the market, leads who don’t understand what they are missing by refusing to buy, the crisis or Mercury Retrograde. But if you are constantly faced with rejections or the level of sales got stuck in one place, it’s time to figure out what the reason is. (more…)