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For many years, remote work has been a benefit for employees in most companies around the world. However, in 2020, when COVID-19 came, this form of work became a necessity. When finally, after 2 years of remote work, companies were able to return to normal functioning and stationary work, not everyone decided on this transition.

Currently, more and more businesses on the labor market are choosing remote or hybrid work, as it has many advantages for both employers and employees. Find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of remote work, as well as how remote work helps you save effectively with Revolut Pay.

Saving time on the commute

Among the many advantages that remote work from home jobs have for human life, one of the most often highlighted by employees is saving time for commuting to the office. No wonder. Regardless of whether you get to work on foot, by bike, public transport or by car, the average time we spend on the road is about 41 minutes. It is worth remembering, however, that in the case of large cities or people who live outside the city, this number can be even several times higher. It is also worth adding the time to get ready before leaving the house and after returning from work to the time spent on commuting. Remote work allows you to use this time for something practical, such as household chores or just relaxing.

Better time management and more effective work

No commuting and working from home means that you can plan your day more effectively. Many employees who use working on remote or the possibility of hybrid work declare that thanks to such a mode of work they are able to focus better on their duties, and on the other hand have time and freedom to carry out day-to-day tasks. Thanks to better organization of one’s own time, there is often an opportunity to pursue one’s hobbies and spend more time with family and loved ones.

Limited contact with people

Limited contact with people or lack of it during remote work is both a disadvantage and an advantage of this way of work. As humans are social creatures, contact with others, establishing relationships and communication are extremely important. That’s why one of the biggest challenges during mandatory remote work and self-isolation was finding alternatives to going out with friends, spending time with coworkers or even walking among other people. For people who currently decide to work remotely, it is worth taking care of balance in this respect. If we spend our work in the privacy of the house, where there is no one else, it is worth deciding on an active hobby or spending free time outside the home.

The advantage of limiting contact while working remotely is probably only for two types of people: introverts and hypochondriacs. For people who prefer to live in their own small and controlled environment, remote work is a solution to the stress and emotional strain that the “traditional approach to work” used to be.

Switching between work and rest mode

One of the greatest challenges of working from home is the confusion our brains struggle with. The standard arrangement, which consists in the fact that an apartment or a house is a rest zone, and an office – a work zone, does not exist in the case of remote work. This often causes fatigue and even burnout, because working in a place of rest, the zones mix: during working hours we cannot fully devote ourselves to work, because we are at home, and after working hours we do not fully relax, because it is now also a place of our work. If you decide on working remotely for a long time, it is worth thinking about a way to subconsciously divide these two zones in one room. The ideal solution is to use a separate room exclusively for work, then the brain will know that if we are in this room – it’s time to work, we are out of it – rest. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of a separate room that can become an office, so test other options and find the one that works best for you. According to Internet users, the most effective solutions include:
  • separate work zone – it’s not about a separate room, but the preparation of a specific workstation that is not used during non-working hours. It is best if the device for work is different from, for example, the one used for playing or browsing the Internet in your spare time,
  • “typical getting ready for work” – the morning ritual of getting ready for work, i.e. choosing clothes, hairstyle and even make-up act as a subconscious switch that signals that it’s time to mobilize, because we are just starting our day.

Saving money

Remote work also has an unexpected advantage – the ability to save money. That’s right, our needs don’t change regardless of where we work, we still need to eat, we need clothes and other household products. However, when working remotely, we can save money, which is usually spent on commuting, going out with colleagues, as well as impulsive shopping. Such savings per year can translate into quite a large amount, so it is also worth taking care of their safety and more. You can save more efficiently with Revolut Pay. This is not a typical bank, but an international, online platform, the basis of which is flexibility and security. As part of Revolut services, you have access to many financial services, such as savings, currency exchange, investments and payments. Currently, the platform is used by millions of people around the world.   Clickmagic – digital marketing agency invites you to check out the extraordinary possibilities Revolut Pay has to offer.