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Are you a novice Internet marketer or a digital worker? Do you cling to every material published on the Web, trying to find the practical recommendations in the fantastic stream of information? Do you master SEO, content marketing, SMM, targeting, copywriting? Are these words familiar enough for you or they still unknown lexical monsters? We are launching the corporate blog by work together with the marketing company “Clickmagic”! If you are a business owner and have not been engaged in marketing by yourself, you can probably come across a lack of the competence of specialists in this sphere. We will tell how modern agencies trick the startups of small and medium-sized businesses in marketing services. Using irrational channels for promoting, the statements “advertising is everything for us”, “cataloging” and the ability to act according to the standard instructions, these all destroy your business or at least do not contribute to payback of marketing. We do our best to be useful and collect techniques that work. You will find in the section “Blog” not only the materials from our team members but also the interviews, the tips of leaders’ opinions, “giants’” in the sphere of digital marketing. After all, we will share with you our experience of doing business in outsourcing, the tools of efficiency and excerpt of the business literature that we read and advise all entrepreneurs. Who will benefit from the blog? The entrepreneurs as well as beginners and working in the sphere of marketing, contest advertisement, SMM-promotion, SEO, email marketing, targeting, branding, and PR-specialists. We will not be verbose and will try to convey the most important things in a concise form. You will not have to puzzle over the complicated terms and speech constructions; we will explain it in plain language. The developments of Clickmagic’s employees are our proud which we want to share with Internet users in the form of useful materials about marketing and its payback, integrated promotion, qualitative content, etc. The cases that will be published in the company blog will be useful not only for the beginners but also for experienced specialists. Speak the same language to business, integrating effective methods today so as not to be left without business tomorrow. Be digital! Сlickmagic Team