Everyday Tools for the Everyday Person

In the age of digitization, the word “AI” or Artificial Intelligence often conjures up images of advanced robotics, intricate algorithms, and high-tech corporate environments. But as the technology evolves, its reach is extending beyond just the elite tech spaces. Today, AI is seamlessly weaving into the fabric of our daily lives, offering tools that are as user-friendly as they are revolutionary. 

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The Democratization of AI  

A key trend in recent years is the democratization of AI. This means taking AI from the hands of a select few experts and making it accessible and usable for everyone. From students to homemakers, from artists to small business owners, AI tools are becoming increasingly available, ensuring that everyone can benefit from this groundbreaking technology.

Top 9 Everyday AI Tools  

  1. Replika: Dubbed your ‘AI friend’, Replika provides a judgment-free zone where users can converse, offload thoughts, or simply kill time. As conversations progress, Replika adapts, making each chat more engaging.
  1. Grammarly: This AI-powered writing assistant does more than just catch typos. It enhances clarity, tone, and offers style suggestions, ensuring that your writing is top-notch, be it an email or a novel.
  1. Prisma: Leveraging neural networks, Prisma turns your photographs into mesmerizing artworks. It’s not just a filter; it’s an AI-powered art transformation.
  1. Otter.ai: Say goodbye to manual note-taking. Whether you’re in lectures, meetings, or interviews, Otter transcribes voice in real-time, offering organized and searchable notes.
  1. Suki: Tailored for healthcare professionals, Suki is an AI voice assistant that helps in dictating medical notes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  1. Routific: Time is money, and Routific understands that. This tool offers optimized routes for errands or deliveries, ensuring you save both time and fuel.
  1. Quick, Draw!: Beyond utility, AI can be fun too. This neural network-powered game guesses your drawings, offering a playful glimpse into machine learning.
  1. Plantix: Green thumbs rejoice! With a simple photo, Plantix diagnoses plant diseases or pest problems, ensuring your garden stays lush and healthy.
  1. Face++: Diving slightly deeper, Face++ offers face recognition technology. It’s a fantastic tool for personal projects or understanding AI capabilities.

The Future is User-Centric  

What these tools underscore is the shift towards a user-centric approach in AI development. It’s no longer just about creating the most advanced AI but about crafting AI solutions that integrate effortlessly into our routines and enhance our daily lives.


AI, often perceived as distant and complex, is rapidly becoming a close companion in our day-to-day lives. The tools we have today are just the tip of the iceberg. As technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate even more user-friendly AI solutions that cater to our diverse needs. The future isn’t about AI replacing us; it’s about AI empowering us.